Get ready for summer by taking care of yourself, both inside and out

Get ready for summer by taking care of yourself, both inside and out

  • INDIBA® Deep Beauty, a leader in beauty treatments, guarantees firm skin and excellent body care thanks to the customised, relaxing treatment it provides.

Long days at the beach, endless evenings on the patio, unforgettable moments paddling in the lake or river… summer moments we embrace with the arrival of the good weather. However, all of these summer activities are accompanied by hours of sunlight and body-baring summer fashion. So how can we get our body ready for the arrival of summer?
Our skin has been hidden for months under winter clothing and we need to get it ready for exposure to sunlight. It is also very important to take care of our body since there must be harmony and balance between our skin’s appearance and its health. A healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise is the first step towards achieving a perfect figure before summer arrives. As well as constantly striving to eat and live healthily, we can help prepare and improve our body’s appearance and health by using appropriate treatments.
The unique technology of INDIBA® Deep Beauty, a market leader with more than 30 years’ experience in the research, development and marketing of aesthetic and medical electro-pressure regeneration devices, will help make us even more beautiful thanks to its Proionic® System. It is a leading treatment that stands out from other treatments by stimulating different biological processes in the cells.
The INDIBA® system guarantees visible, long-lasting results in just a few sessions and is a pleasant treatment that ensures reduced fat deposits and cellulite, reshaping the body and making the skin firmer, stronger and brighter. The treatment is completely painless and is an amazing experience for the patient’s well-being.
The process is also scientifically backed by leading clinical studies that demonstrate the effects of INDIBA®. The treatment can be performed at the best beauty centres, where qualified professionals will assess the patient and take care of the patient’s skin while ensuring a very satisfying experience.
How can we enhance treatment with the most advanced system on the market? A system that will allow patients to enhance the results achieved and complete their experience is IMPRESS-240 by Sorisa, the most advanced system on the market that helps activate the circulatory system, stimulating the absorption of interstitial fluids and drainage into the body’s filtration mechanisms that will promote circulation in the most complicated regions.
“Since it is very important to know how to select the most effective and suitable treatments for our customers’ specific requirements, we cannot overlook the role played by the aesthetics professionals who are vital for optimising and achieving results that will meet our customers’ expectations. That is why INDIBA invests a lot of time and resources on one of the activities it has always supported and which it considers to be essential: training. All of our professionals are trained and retrained using courses adapted to their specific needs. When what is in play is our own body and the image we want to portray, simply choosing the best treatments is not enough. We also need to place them in the right hands”, emphasises Sebastià Sendròs, Medical Director at INDIBA.

About INDIBA® Deep Beauty

INDIBA® Deep Beauty is a brand with over 30 years’ experience in research, development, and marketing of beauty equipment with electro-regenerative energy. Developed as a ground-breaking health and beauty technology in 1983, it has gone on to become a world reference for beauty, image and wellness professionals..
INDIBA was the first company to incorporate Capacitive y Resistive energy emissions into one and the same system (CRet System) and its studies have focused on cell regeneration using an exclusive treatment—the Proionic® System. The system stimulates various biological processes at a cellular level through the use of a specific frequency (448 kHz) and two application techniques. The process has a scientific reference base thanks to the collaboration of internationally-recognised universities and hospitals who endorse the efficiency of these processes.

INDIBA® Deep Beauty has received the first “Healthy Life Best Equipment” award for its treatment INDIBA® Deep Beauty Bienestar, an acknowledgement which highlights the innovation of the professional beauty sector’s most prestigious brands.


About SORISA® Beauty Solutions

SORISA® Beauty Solutions is a brand with more than 40 years’ experience in the health and beauty sector. It specialises in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of medical and beauty devices.
SORISA® Beauty Solutions provides the best technology for body contouring solutions, laser hair removal and anti-ageing treatments. This technology, which allows non-invasive treatments, helps achieve proven visible, long-lasting results backed by the best universities and beauty centres.



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